Porsche Supply Chain Issues and Production Delays

Porsche Supply Chain Issues

Since the brand’s inception, Porsche vehicles have been engineered to meet the diverse needs of those who drive them. From performance capabilities to bespoke interior and exterior design options, drivers quickly find themselves forming an unmistakable bond with their Porsche. But lately, Porsche shoppers have found it increasingly difficult to not only find the Porsche of their dreams, but sometimes to even find a new Porsche at all. Two solid years of supply chain interruptions have left North American dealership inventories at historic low levels. Here, we explain some of the causes of the current issues, and our recommended solutions.

Porsche Car Production Line

The Covid-19 Impact on Porsche Supply Chains

Are you looking for a new Porsche, but finding inventory in short supply? Like virtually every industry, the Global Covid-19 Pandemic impacted automotive manufacturing supply chains, including the Porsche supply chains. Porsche assembly plants in Leipzig and Zuffenhausen were shut down from March of 2020 through the beginning of May 2020, and even once they returned to production, both plants continued to run at less than full capacity due to supply chain disruptions caused by the global pandemic.  Adding to the strain, in February 2022, the cargo vessel Felicity Ace –  carrying over 1,000 Porsche vehicles destined for North America – caught fire and sunk in the Atlantic ocean.

Porsche Cargo Vessel on Fire

Porsche Supply Chain Impacts from the War in Ukraine

Just as Covid-19 impacts appeared to be waning, the war in Ukraine severed key links in the Porsche Supply Chain as Ukraine is home to multiple Porsche parts suppliers.  This has caused production lines for  Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, and even the iconic 911 and Taycan to stop for weeks at a time as recently as March of 2022 to allow parts supplies to recover. What this has meant for Porsche shoppers across the globe is dwindling dealer inventories of nearly every model.  Additionally, new Porsche inventories are not expected to return to “normal” levels until well into 2023.

Porsche Custom Ordering

Configure Your Porsche or Reserve Inbound Inventory

If you want to assure yourself of the new Porsche of your dreams, we have two separate options for you to choose from. The first option guarantees you of the exact Porsche you want – the first is to Configure your New Porsche – either online via the link below, or together with one of our Porsche Brand Ambassadors. You can choose the exact exterior color, interior leather, and options right here in our fitting lounge. Your second option is to review our unsold inbound inventory with one of our Brand Ambassadors, and although you may not find the exact vehicle you would have ordered yourself, the benefit is that these vehicles are already assembled and in-transit, saving you months before delivery.