Porsche Premier Dealer Program

Program definition

The Porsche Premier Dealer Program identifies the top 25 Porsche Centers in the United States. It recognizes and rewards those Porsche Centers that best embrace the ‘Porsche Business Model’ – achieving the highest performance among their peers in Brand utilization, product representation and the development of key ‘Porsche business drivers’; and in doing so, succeed as independent entrepreneurs who routinely exceed the expectations of their Porsche customers.


Porsche is a prestigious, authentic brand with a unique heritage and a fervent core of enthusiasts. Porsche owners are passionate about their automobiles in a way no other automotive marque can match. Those who purchase a Porsche are buying more than a car-they are buying a legend. Porsche enthusiasts are driven, successful people who demand the very best. Owning a Porsche is a reflection of their values. Driving a Porsche connects with the very essence of their psyche. This deep-rooted link between car and driver must also be forged between the company and the customer in order to create an ownership experience that is every bit as satisfying as the Porsche driving experience itself.
Since earning Porsche Premier Dealer status requires a total team effort within a Porsche Center, please join us in congratulating the entire Porsche team at Blue Grass Motorsport — a Porsche Premier Dealer.