Porsche Service Specials & Coupons in Louisville, KY

Keep Your Sunroof Drains Clear
Save $30.00

Clean all body and a/c drains just $139.10 with coupon ($169.10 regular price.)

Service includes raise car on lift and clean all body drains including removing necessary trim panels.


* Must provide coupon at time of write up. Cannot be applied to previous sales. May be additional charge of $79.05 if needed to clean out completely clogged drains. See your Porsche service consultant for complete details.

EXPIRES: 09/04/2018
Electronic Wheel Balance and Alignment

Blue Grass MOTORSPORT will get your Porsche tracking straight and cornering like it should with our Wheel Balance & Alignment Offer. Our state-of-the-art  equipment will electronically balance all 4 wheels and set your Porsche Alignment back to its factory specs – saving unnecessary tire wear and getting you tracking straight down the road again.

EXPIRES: 09/04/2018